7 thoughts on “Private Unions And ObamaCare”

  1. Absolutely nothing of value lost if it does. I saw that Roofers’ Union statement about Obamacare the other day, and my first thought was, “Gee guys: are you gonna vote Republican next election if your party doesn’t help fix what you and your party helped break? No? Can you even credibly threaten to vote other than for the same people who are putting you on foodstamps and destroying your childrens’ future? No? Then why are you bothering to complain- nobody cares.”

    1. I guess they could just not put a lot of effort into the next election. But I doubt they’d do even that.

    2. The take I have is that the union rank-and-file, not in government but in the traditional trade-craft unions, do not have any special love for Mr. Obama. I heard many are privately and deeply critical of Mr. Obama.

      But it is also said that many of the people who were expected to vote for Mr. Romney didn’t show up on election day, this based on voter turnout related to “demographics” (i.e. race, that a lot of working class white people didn’t show up).

      Do you suppose that the Republican brand is turning away just these people, such as the Roofers’ Union people, with all of the Ayn Rand rhetoric? That such people would in fact vote with us if we didn’t have that Paul Ryan deep cuts in Medicare and Social Security thing going?

      With the kind of snark going about the Roofers’ plight, do you suppose the Roofers’ might have a little bit of trouble reaching for the Republican straight-ticket box on the ballot?

      Political victory requires coalitions. I have this feeling that we are drawing the boundaries around our coalition too narrowly.

      1. Paul you mean the Republican Party that drove its Conservative base away from its own convention, refused to give a speaking spot to any non-‘moderate’ Republican, authored the largest (until Obamacare) socialization of medicine in America, ran a pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-gun control, pro- amnesty ‘moderate’ as its presidential candidates in the past two elections (and is desperately seeking a third one to lose in ’16), and has made a point of handing Congressional seats to Democrats rather than supporting Conservative candidates who win primaries over ‘moderate’ incumbents?
        THAT Republican Party?
        Sorry to burst your bubble, but two notes:
        1- Given a choice between a Democrat and a “moderate” Republican who promotes the same policies, voters go for the Democrat. Go ask Congressman Scott Brown, Presidents Romney and McCain, or the entire California Republican Party.
        2- The basic Alinsky Two-step (demonize an opponent, then blame the opponent for having a bad public image) is no longer functional for the Establishment GOP. Conservatives (those horrible Ayn Rand people you mention) gave the party its biggest electoral mandate since Reagan in ’10; it was people using your same ‘logic’ that threw it away in ’12.

  2. I hope Obamacare puts some of the unions out of business. I’ll believe it when I see it, though. Kathleen, Duchess of HHS, may be able to find some loopholes in the PPACA. Or Emperor POTUS may issue some new Executive Orders. Or perhaps they simply will not execute the law as-written when their hard-core supporters are at-risk.

    1. Well, at some point, there’ll be a president in office who won’t go out of his way for labor unions. That’s what they’re worrying about. They need to lock in some waiver or exemption that can’t be casually overturned by a first day executive order.

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