4 thoughts on “The Totally Non-Socialist German Socialist Workers’ Party”

  1. Jeez, that post’s about a year old and it’s only now coming to everyone’s attention!?

    Not that Larry isn’t cool beans or that he can’t smack leftie trolls around like Stalin-shaped piñatas, but…

    1. Yes, I plead guilty to not noticing the date. Nonetheless, for those who (like me) hadn’t previously read it, it’s worth the read. I daresay, though it is only year old, that it is a classic.

      1. You aren’t the only one. The Puppy Blender made the same mistake.
        But I commented on the post when it first came out, and when I followed the link I started wondering why all this looked so familiar.

  2. So that’s why the old teacher demanded a specific format. Name here. Date there. Standards really do come in handy.

    That said, idiocy really does not go out of style.

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