3 thoughts on “Six Simple Rules For Obama”

  1. I think he need to be less like Richard M Nixon.

    I “just head something” about “witnesses”, “career State Department and CIA employees”, “threats” and “White House” and “lawyers.”

    But maybe this is an idle partisan Republican/Right Blogosphere fantasy as there is no taping system and even Mr. Woodward has been brought back into line by peer pressure from the main stream.

    But who knows, maybe the goodfellas are going to have to drive out to the swamp in New Jersey because they are putting in a shopping mall . . .

  2. Bush II’s military usage, Clinton’s self-control, Bush I’s detachment, Carter’s foreign policy skills, Ford’s economy, Nixon’s honesty, Johnson’s ruthlessness, Kennedy’s entourage.

    Let’s just avoid Reagan’s amnesty.

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