2 thoughts on ““Get Up Off The Floor””

  1. we’re so far gone that those words are revolutionary again.

    Of course we are. How can there even be any question about it? Anyone referring to our founding documents is considered a crank.

    This administration has had one crisis after another, any one being high crimes and misdemeanors. Now we have the IRS, blocking and harassing enemies and greasing the process for allies in the greatest scandal this country has ever seen. In which people shouldn’t lose their jobs, but go to prison. They are collecting data on their enemies that makes J. Edgar look like a piker.

    We shall see if law has any meaning in this country anymore. It can’t just be those thrown under the bus. THE HEADS must roll.

    I’m not despairing, and Sarah wrote a magnificent article, but it really is too little, too late. I’m willing to give my life for what is right and many others are as well… but that is simply not enough.

    The economy may bounce back, but that just means many of those awake will fall back into sleep. Just like in the days of Noah, they took no note.

    The suffering we are going to see is going to be greater and more distributed than history has ever seen. I never really believed that before even though I’ve read all the prophecies.

    You can’t have all these public institutions in the hands of evil and claim we just have to vote better. A win here or there just doesn’t cut it.

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