12 thoughts on “Protesting The Koch Brothers”

    1. Well, they’ve got half the country hating them without knowing why, so I’d say yes.

  1. As someone in the pro-liberty blogosphere (may have been Glenn Reynolds, but I can’t recall) once wrote, “The Koch brothers . . . those evil billionaires WHO WANT TO LEAVE YOU ALONE!!!!”

    Unlike, say, Darth Soros.

  2. They are also today’s Richard Mellon Scaife. Of course, even I think Richard Mellon Scaife was a bit shady, what with his name changes over the years. Today it’s Richard Mellon Scaife, and before that Richard Scaife, and before that Rich Cougar Mellon Scaife, and in his youth Richie Cougar…

  3. Dear Brian Simberg:
    In April I started a series of podcasts (www.dougturnbull.podbean.com) that include a segment of current events in space science as well as an interview with someone working in or who has worked in the field or a related area. Some of my recent interviewees include: Susan Holden Martin, Executive Director of The Mars Society, Aerospace Technologist, Rick Kwan, Geoscientist and President of The Mars society Australia, Jonathan Clarke, as well as science fiction writers including Brendan DuBois and Madeline Ashby among others. While I interview science fiction writers, the purpose of the podcasts, as is the purpose of my own science fiction writing, is to promote the idea that human deep space flight and extraterrestrial settlement need NOT be relegated to science fiction. Glancing at your blog I suspect that you share that view, and also a somewhat libertarian point of view, thus am asking that you grant me an opportunity to interview you for one of my casts. My listener-ship is still small but increasing as I ask my guest speakers to spread the word about their own interviews among their social media friends with similar interests. Please take a listen to Mars Pirate Radio and if the idea interests you at all, let me know and we can discuss details. Thanks!
    Doug Turnbull
    Hard SF Scribe

      1. The conspiracy theories will say that Doug was merely referring to Rand’s alter ego “Brian” over at NewSpace Watch.

        Of course, they’re wrong. They’re wrong.

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