10 thoughts on “My Kind Of Life Extension”

  1. That makes sense. Lack of s3xual activity may be telling all your other systems that you’re done.

  2. Don’t discount that Ken. I know a lot of people that go on for years on pure obstinence.
    If you wanna run cool…
    If you wanna run cool…
    If you wanna run cool. You got to run on Heavy Heavy Fuel.

    1. Well, I was thinking, if you have a “right” to health, and lots of sex properly conducted results in better health, then someone might have to provide you with that sex. Second, if abstaining from lots of sex increases the cost of providing your health care for your government nannies, then you might be required to have more sex.

      1. Sort of like Logan’s Run. Plato’s Retreat will be resurrected under government auspices. The catch is, you have to accept euthanasia, er, renewal after a certain age.

        1. I imagine a conversation with one of these guys along the lines of: “How about we set you up with the nice disabled girl down the street? Oh, you don’t find her desirable. I see.”

          Most of the guys I knew in younger days (including me, I say with a measure of regret) who complained about not being able to find a date were 5’s who wanted 10’s, and passed up lovely 6’s, 7’s and 8’s even.

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