Theresa May

A face of cowardice:

British schoolgirls are being systematically gang-raped by Muslims and British soldiers are being hacked to death in the street by Muslims and yet this despicable gutless appeaser, Theresa May, thinks the way to solve the problem is to ban critics of Islam?

Neville Chamberlain was a heroic statesman by comparison.

It is very sad to see the pathetic state to which England has devolved. She wouldn’t stay long in her position if Cameron were (brain) alive.

4 thoughts on “Theresa May”

  1. Banning critics of Islam is kicking the can down the road. If you’re a politician, that’s enough. They don’t think the voters have a long memory.

    We need to do a much better job of shaming the enablers from the past — like Glenn Reynolds started doing with his “REMINDER” posts, but we should go back even further. That would let today’s enablers know that their actions will not be forgotten.

  2. It’s more complex than that. The Islamic population is large enough in a number of parliamentary seats that they can determine the winner of the election by swinging from one party to another, and those seats can determine whether the party wins or loses control of Parliament. So they have far more electoral power than mere demographics might imply.

    Every political party is scare of losing Muslim votes, and they’re also scared of provoking the kind of riots seen on the continent lately. So long as they can get through their time in power until they find themselves a nice fat job in the EU, they don’t care what the long-term consequences might be.

    And my guess is that long-term consequence won’t be everyone living happily alongside each other singing kumbaya.

  3. The problem is a world full of voters who have NO idea who Chamberlain was, nor what his appeasement ultimately set in motion.

  4. File this one under “justifying our revolution.”

    It’s no longer just one folder in a drawer by now though — it’s an entire filing room and part of the hallway outside.

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