5 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s Motion For Acquittal”

  1. There’s little question that the state’s attorney lacked the evidence to pursue a murder conviction. As is obvious, the testimony and evidence so far are consistent with a self-defense claim.

    That said, I think judges are pretty reluctant to step in and end trials, especially when the issue is the facts at hand. Usually, the judge will do that if the prosecution hasn’t even presented evidence for some element of the crime, but not so much when that relatively low bar has been met.

    Would the judge have ended the trial at this point without the media and political circus? No way to know for sure, but it’s clear this trial wouldn’t be happening at all without the hoopla.

  2. The judge could so rule, but then she’d take all the heat for causing the race riots instead of spreading the blame across six jurors.

      1. I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect that the jurors have been informed, unofficially of course, that their identities are bound to leak during the media frenzy that would accompany an acquittal.

        I don’t think they picked a jury of all mothers just for jury dynamics reasons. I think part of it is because mothers would also have concern for their own families in the event of an acquittal.

        I’m quite certain that the presiding marsupial will find nothing amiss.

        This is what tyranny looks like.

    1. Ironically, this may be one of the first cases where the jurors end up hiring the defendant as a bodyguard.

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