Extrasolar Space Law

Transterrestrial reader (and occasional commenter) Laura Montgomery has what appears to be an interesting new SF book out on Kindle.

She writes:

I noticed that you’ve mentioned an independent author from time to time at Transterrestrial, and thought I’d let you know about my own attempts along those lines. I’ve published on Kindle and other ereaders The Sky Suspended.

It’s bourgeois, legal science fiction with a hearty helping of space policy wonkery.

The short version of the blurb is:

A generation has passed since asteroid scares led the United States to launch its first and only interstellar starship. The ship returns and announces the discovery of another Earth. People are star-struck, crowds form in Washington, DC, and a boy from Alaska and two lawyers grapple with issues surrounding the question of whether ordinary people will be able to emigrate to the stars.

I haven’t read it, but the few reviews are positive. You might want to check it out and add your own.

9 thoughts on “Extrasolar Space Law”

  1. Well, that will give me something to read the next couple of days. 🙂

    I might try to write a review of it, but that might take a while given the length and insanity of my previous review at Amazon, which frankly still could use some tweaks.

    1. I would be honored, although, having checked your review, mildly frightened.

      Actually, the reason I’d be honored is you were one of the crew discussing Rand’s CEI paper on lunar property and settlement, and I saved something along the lines of twenty pages of your discussion because of the beauty of the logic of it all. It’s’ printed on paper and in a folder. I’m hoping it comes in handy one day.

    2. Oh, thank you. 🙂

      I enjoyed the long debate on property rights, and am honored that someone even saved it! I’m also really enjoying your book.

    3. Finished it last night. Two thumbs up!

      And I reviewed it. I dialed back the Shakespeare and went more with Homer, but didn’t write a full epic because it would be spoilery.

      1. George, I read your review, and want you to know you made my day. Thank you!
        Great poem, too.

  2. Off topic:
    – The mobile view is still triggering on desktop computers. I see a comment about that on the plugin reviews page.
    – The link to force a switch to desktop mode is still broken (do you need to set a site URL in wordpress settings?)
    – But the formatting on mobile mode isn’t as obviously broken.

  3. If you add “?wpmp_switcher=desktop” to the URL for a page that shows in mobile view, you flip the page to desktop view. I don’t remember if this came up before–Rand, do you have any server-side caching that could be confused? It doesn’t make a lot of sense to be reading articles, following the Prev link four or five times, and suddenly be in mobile view.

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