Lori Garver

I’m a little surprised, but not shocked, that she’s leaving NASA. I’m sure it’s been a very frustrating situation for her. What shocks me is this (via an email from her, though many got one):

I will be resigning from my position as NASA Deputy Administrator, effective September 6 and have accepted a new position in the private sector outside the space industry.

My emphasis.

She gave no hint when I talked to her in San Jose a week and a half ago, but that’s no surprise, either. If I had any brains, I’d probably do the same thing. I’ve been beating my head against this wall, and damaging my finances in the process, for over a third of a century now.

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  1. Well, that’s a shame. If I was President, I’d offer her the top job at NASA. She seems to get it.

    1. Probably just distancing herself from the budget train wreck coming at NASA so she will be in position to be Administrator IF a Democrat is elected in the next election. If I was a commercial crew new space contractor I would be worried.

  2. accepted a new position in the private sector outside the space industry.

    Best move I made. I only wish I had made the move earlier. Had I just done so when I knew the shuttle program was ending; I’d be about ready to retire now from the extra income.

  3. Brian Berger at Space News has some possible replacements.

    The most alarming is Jean Toal Eisen, a long-time commercial space foe. Kay Bailey Hutchison is a close second, but I don’t think her nomination would get past Ted Cruz.

    Eileen Collins looks like the best of the bunch (apart from Anousheh Ansari who, as Berger says, has better things to do).


  4. Why do you think I focus on consulting for real businesses while teaching business administration instead of New Space, even though I did my dissertation on Commercial Spaceports? Space, even new space, is still too dominated by NASA funding to be a real industry – yet. And too hung up on HSF instead of building real markets in space.

    But times are a changing as more folks see the need to move beyond NASA.

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