6 thoughts on “Gutting The Second Amendment”

  1. Hey Rand, can’t locate your email, so I’m posting in comments: what appears to be hanging (and crashing) my various browsers and feed readers is ‘amazon search box 27’.
    Good luck.

  2. This is why any serious attempt to roll back the State has to begin by eliminating government schools. Fortunately, they’re a horrible anachronism in the 21st century with most of the world’s information available at the click of a mouse, so that will become easier as their irrelevance becomes more obvious to more people.

  3. The book teaches to the test. It teaches the correct answer for the AP Exam. Whether the book conveys the gospel truth is neither here nor there. So the question that should be asked is “what answer about the second amendment does the AP Exam demand?”

      1. When anyone claims the 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear arms in a militia, I refer them to 10 USC 311 (a) and (b)(2), which point out the militia is all able-bodied males between 17 and 45 (and all women in the National Guard, which I never notice before.)

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