The IPCC’s Quandary

On the eve of the official release of the latest report, Steve McIntyre has some thoughts.

This is indeed disturbing:

German ministries insist that it is important not to detract from the effectiveness of climate change warnings by discussing the past 15 years’ lack of global warming. Doing so, they say, would result in a loss of the support necessary for pursuing rigorous climate policies.

Yes, we can’t let empirical reality get in the way of our policy agenda.

[Update a while later]

Desperate times in climate alarmism:

Confronted with all this truly disastrous news on the eve of their upcoming global warming summit, IPCC politicians, bureaucrats and eco-activists are trying to figure out how to cover up the bad news. Germany wants all references to the absence of warming deleted from the IPCC report. Whereas 20 years of mild warming were enough to demand immediate drastic action to avoid a climate cataclysm, now the Germans say 17 years of no warming is “too short” and thus “misleading.”

Hungary doesn’t want the IPCC to give “deniers” more ammunition. Belgium wants the “world’s most authoritative climate body” to manipulate the data and graphs, by using a different starting year that cleverly creates a more noticeable upward temperature trend. The Obama Administration wants the IPCC to explain away the absence of warming, by saying the mysteriously missing atmospheric heat was somehow absorbed by the upper 1.2 miles of oceans waters, which have not actually warmed, according to ARGO project data, or perhaps somehow in the really deep ocean, where we have no data.

In other words, if the models and evidence disagree, the evidence must be wrong. The IPCC is infallible.

Need I remind? This is not science.

2 thoughts on “The IPCC’s Quandary”

  1. “Obama talks about GOP obstruction, but rarely if ever goes into the specifics. If you want that sort of information I would recommend consulting other sources.”

    So you are telling me that for the President’s communication skills, that he cannot admit to any problem with the Health Care Reform rollout, come up with a specific request to remedy the situation, and communicate this to the American People through the Presidential “Bully Pulpit”? That the IT problem is the result of a budgetary shortfall, and I don’t know about this through the major media outlets?

    I am not talking about the requested funds for “educating the public” that are controversial in our highly charged political environment as some regard them as the Federal government becoming a political advocate. I am speaking to the IT system and its rollout. And in this massive piece of legislation where it was known that the Federal Government would have to implement at least one exchange, that such a thing is not scalable, and that there wasn’t spending authority in the PPACA to do the IT?

  2. Maybe Mr. Rafael Eduardo Cruz, Son of the Dominion of Canada, knows something.

    He is perhaps the most hardcore TEA Partier in Congress right now, but he is a pretty smart and educated with some high power legal experience (Supreme Court clerking) guy. Sarah Palin, peace be upon her, is not in the same league, brain-power wise.

    Maybe this thing is all going to go smoothly and the concern-troll about faulty IT is just wing-nut wishful thinking. But maybe this thing will fail, and fail spectacularly. We don’t have evidence that the Team Obama are particularly good managers, except maybe their IT people on the political side with the reelection campaign. Maybe this isn’t a certainty, but maybe Mr. Cruz is betting his political career on this as he certainly has angered just about every other Republican on this.

    Suppose this thing goes Tango Uniform. Who was out in front, drawing attention to himself at the annoyance of every other Republican in public life, but who will proved to be a prophet?

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