One thought on “The IPCC And The Pause”

  1. AR5 is a classic case of burying the lede. The ECS is likely half what it was estimated to be 6 years ago? There has been a distinct lack of warming over the last decade and a half? Ignore that. Instead, let’s focus on the “fact” that climate change has now been definitively proved to be due to human activities. How was that determined? By asking a group of climate scientists their opinion.


    The worst part about this has absolutely nothing to do with climate either. Even if climate change turns out to be “really bad” and due to human activity there are no realistic predictions or even near-realistic predictions which would create conditions that human beings couldn’t deal with the same way we deal with issues related to weather and flooding today. But the worst possible outcome is that the state of climate “science” continues to escalate until it becomes an even more appalling refutation of the basic principles of scientific integrity. And then perhaps it infects all other scientific disciplines. Or, perhaps the these travesties become more widely publicized and the public turns away from the scientific establishment in disgust. Either way the consequences would be orders of magnitude worse than a 40 centimeter sea level rise or 2 deg. C warming between by 2100.

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