3 thoughts on “Car Sharing”

  1. I’m sure it’s much better for the people who rent the cars than those who own them. One of my friends used to work for a rental car company, and he had some real horror stories about the kind of things people did to them.

    I certainly can’t imagine letting some random person off the Internet drive my car just to make a few bucks.

  2. I’m skeptical. If I lived in a city and wasn’t using a car regularly, I’d look at the cost of other options first. Taxis, for one – you can often get a good deal as a regular, and that’s easier (and right at your door). Plus they do the driving. Check out private hire services, these are often a lot cheaper than taxis, especially if you pay cash and are a regular.

    Another option is one I partook of in college; get an old used car. Looked like hell, ran fine, and was cheap as hell. It was a gas hog that got about 8mpg (Big old sedan with a big V8) but the added expense there was more than made up for by its vastly cheaper price, taxes, and insurance.

    Rental cars are another way to go. if you need it for more than a few hours, might be a better option. It sure as hell is if you need it for a day or more.

  3. Car Sharing services seem to work in very urban areas.
    Washington DC has 3 services with more arising.

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