Tea Party Racism

More commentary on Richard Cohen’s asininity:

within the conservative movement, we’re not unusual at all. Interracial adoption is so common within the Evangelical community, it’s triggered a bizarre backlash from the Left. In my own (quite conservative) church, adoption has transformed a historically-white congregation into a veritable rainbow coalition.

What about the response from the left? Well, we were audited (along with roughly 70 percent of other adoptive families) by the Obama administration’s radical IRS, and we’ve been subjected to vile comments online, hateful private messages, and crazy in-person statements from self-described progressives who believe that white Christians can’t be trusted to raise a black child.

When the Left calls us racists, as with most of their epithets, it’s projection.

4 thoughts on “Tea Party Racism”

  1. There’s something truly insidious and twisted about the lib media’s reaction to these adoptions. I think there was a recent article in the NYT that also showed that.

    The reality is that they have to label conservatives this way to maintain their delusion that only they have a right to be good people. If you don’t buy their whole socialist package, you’re some kind of creep who’s twisting the minds of these kids, and possibly doing unspeakable things to them in the basement.

  2. It’s time to come up with a better term than “inter-racial” or “bi-racial”. Their family should be spoken of as “Trans-racial”.

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