6 thoughts on “Wile E. Obama”

      1. Hrmmm… Well, I think I do get the analogy (Though I may be wrong); Democrats (Coyote) using Obamacare to go after liberty (roadrunner). And are likely to suffer the coyote’s usual fate as a result.

        I used to watch roadrunner cartoons when I was little, but that’s been a lot of years. Still, from what I recall, the coyote was usually able to get his acme gadgets to at least somewhat work, at least at first.

        I stand by my statement; the analogy is unfair to the coyote, because he, unlike the Democrats, was able to get things working at least a little, sometimes, right out of the box, when he implemented his schemes. Thus, he was far more competent than the Democrats have been.


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