4 thoughts on “Mannsuit Update”

  1. Somehow I can’t image a group of outsiders filing an amicus brief asking for a DELAY …

    Even the alarmists would presumably want your appeal heard (and, they would suppose, dismissed) quickly; or so I would argue.

    However, and with all possible goodwill towards you personally, I rather hope the appeal and justified dismissal of Mann’s suit on anti-SLAPP grounds will be denied, and his suit continue on to explore the merits of your actual claims. The same sort of whitewash which was standing in for an investigation of Jerry Sandusky was, as a matter of plain truth, conducted in response to allegations regarding Michael Mann. It is in no way defaming MANN to accuse PENN of sloppy personnel management and jurisprudence. It is not defamation to tell the truth. It is not defamation to opine upon matters of public interest and the opinions of public figures — “Nobel Laureates” or otherwise. It is not defamation to use the tools of rhetoric to make an expression of opinion memorable (Steyn’s “master of the TreeRing circus” being a better such rhetorical device than anything our host deployed.) In short I hope you WIN BY KNOCKOUT, rather than having the fight called on points in
    the early rounds.

    Good luck.

  2. i imagine this will either be an appeal by the DC CIty Council Counsel or the DC Attorney General.

    Well if they represent the legislative history that they wanted the ability to fast appeal
    anti-SLAPP cases to the appellate court then likely Judge Weisberg will take that into account.

    I doubt a fast appeal of either the phrase likely of the merits of the case will benefit the defendants.

    Neither Judge Green Nor Judge Weisberg have been particularly favorable to the defense.

    The hardest part will be for the Plaintiff to prove this case was one of malice but that’s what trials are for.

    1. The District has already filed an amicus brief on our behalf, you ignoramus.

      And Weisberg has done nothing unfavorable to us. Plus, he actually understands the law.

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