9 thoughts on “The Bacon Explosion”

  1. Sounds sort of like the bacon meatloaf I like to make. Basically using ground beef instead of Italian sausage. And I use ground up pork rinds instead of bread crumbs; brings a smokey flavor to the party. And reduced sugar ketschup instead of barbeque sauce over the top. But yes it is melt in your mouth moist and meaty. A lot of people don’t know that a good bit of the saturated fat in lard is comprised of octadecanoic acid. Octadecanoic acid has been shown to reduce the bad cholesterol and boost the good cholesterol. Bacon is actually a health food in terms of supporting good healthy cholesterol levels.

  2. Actually, in a study of hogs by the US Department of Agriculture, the pigs that made bacon had significantly worse health outcomes than the pigs that kept eating vegetables.

    And how come other animals don’t seem to have a “bacon” part, except for turkeys, and where exactly on the turkey does turkey bacon come from? In fact, tomorrow I might ask the designated carver for a slice of turkey bacon, to see if he can find it.

    1. George, bacon is pork belly.

      I believe turkey bacon is actually pressed/processed stuff, like chicken nuggets, only flat.

    1. I am not sure many women would be willing to be wrapped in bacon…… at least not for the first few dates.

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