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  1. It’s a little frightening that the last three presidents couldn’t, had they been working in the private sector, have obtained a clearance above Secret…

  2. “Ask me no questions, and I will tell you no lies.” Makes a certain level of sense when you have a lot to hide from your past, and the questioners know it. So what explains all the volunteered lies when it comes to policy? Couldn’t the Smartest Man In The Room, and all His advisors, come up with anything better, or did they think they’d never get caught, or that they’d all be forgotten?

    I think it’s the last one. They really did think that by now, four years later, that no one would bother to dredge up all those phony promises. But then they also probably figured things would be going well enough that only a disgruntled few would remember them anyhow, and they could be discredited as “bitter clingers”. “teabaggers” and racists and the problems as “glitches”.

  3. I just have a problem with the whole concept of referring to something as “Obama’s management style”, because to have a style of management you have to be managing. We might as well talk about his pitching “style”, as if he could actually throw a slider or a fast ball. He can’t throw a strike, he doesn’t manage, therefore he doesn’t have a “style” of either.

    What might be more appropriate is to talk about the style of the people managing their way around Obama.

    1. George,
      I believe Obama does have a management style, in his own mind. He and ValJar are trying to manage the US using their perception of how Chicago Mayors manage Chicago. It’s all they know, so it’s what they’re trying. Not a practical and effective style for managing the US, and all of us, Jim and Company included, are suffering or will eventually suffer the consequences. Not all Chicago Mayors successfully ran Chicago, though. Obama may end up in history in the same loser category as Michael Bilandic, and ObamaCare may be Obama’s Snowpocalypse.


      Problem is, we’re stuck with Obama for a little more than 37 months.

      1. But BlueMoon, just think. A physician’s kid who is running a successful software business out of New Hampshire, whose employees are all sited out-of-state, is able to collect 11K/year in Federal subsidies for his family health care. What a country. We should be grateful that the PPACA prevent’s this man who likes to annoy Libertarians from “falling through the cracks.”

        1. FWIW, I’m not eligible for federal health care subsidies. Any other non-smoker my age can get the same deal at HC.gov.

  4. It couldn’t possibly be that anybody thought the President of the United States had better uses for his time than to be queried on every obscure relative on his (estranged) father’s side. Especially since the only people who seem to give a damn about the uncle are folks who are mortally opposed to Obama and everything he stands for.

    1. That would almost make sense, save for the vast amount of Obama’s history that has been hidden from us. Very odd, since we saw with “Joe the Plumber” and Linda Tripp, how easy it is for the press to get access to sealed files. Given this oddity, finding the boundaries, what is not allowed to be discussed, is important to know, and important to get right. So, epic fail on both, alas………

      1. the vast amount of Obama’s history that has been hidden from us

        I feel like I know more about Obama’s history than I do about Reagan’s or Clinton’s. What do you know about other presidents that you need to know about Obama?

    2. “It couldn’t possibly be that anybody thought the President of the United States had better uses for his time than to be queried on every obscure relative on his (estranged) father’s side. ”

      When you are electing the President of the United States – THE most powerful person on the planet with his finger on the Nuke button….

      A person in whom responsibility for the lives, prosperity, and safety of 350+ million citizens rests – not to mention countless millions of our allies and nations we deal with here Presidential decisions can and have meant life or death for those people……

      I’d say knowing more about the person than name, rank, and serial number is not asking too much.


          1. I’m pretty sure that neither of them were illegal immigrants whose relationship with them they lied about in their fictional autobiographies.

            Is there something wrong with a president having illegal immigrant relatives, or is it just the autobiography that you object to?

          2. There’s nothing wrong with illegal immigrant relatives per se, as long as one doesn’t lie about it and there’s nothing wrong with autobios per se, as long as they correspond to reality.

        1. “Without Googling, tell me what you know about Ronald Reagan’s uncle, or Bill Clinton’s.”

          I know that if Reagan said he didn’t live with his uncle I’d believe him.

          I know that I believe almost nothing Obama says.

          Which is the point. A point you clearly miss.

          1. No, the point is Obama could say the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and you wouldn’t believe him.

            Since the only people who give a damn about Obama’s uncle are people who don’t believe a word he says, why should he or his staff bother saying anything about it?

          2. I know that I believe almost nothing Obama says.

            So you want him to tell you more about himself, but you promise to not believe his answers? I think you’ve just explained why Obama doesn’t see the point in answering every question.

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