My radio silence today was due to the fact that I spent most of it getting books in the mail. Almost everyone who gets a signed book, who has given me shipping information, should be getting one soon. Still have to get out unsigned ones, but that will be easier, and will probably happen Monday, as will the furriners (including Canucks). Any stragglers are local people (e.g., Mojave) who will be getting theirs in person next week some time.

4 thoughts on “Books”

    1. I’ve been researching how to get it there cheaply. If I send it in the same book mailer I’m doing domestically, it’s a “package,” and over ten bucks to Canada (and fifteen or more to Europe and Down Under), but if I take that same mailer and put it in a large first-class international envelope, it drops it to more like five and ten, respectively. Bizarre.

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