The Latest California Idiocy

Condoms for cooks’ hands:

So this law is in fact encouraging the very problem it strives to prevent. God, I’m glad I’m not governed by California—what a bunch of knuckleheads when it comes to food! Why don’t you people actually try to know what the f**k you’re talking about before legislating? Jesus.

I am continually washing my hands in the kitchen when I cook. This is moronic.

12 thoughts on “The Latest California Idiocy”

  1. Oh that’ll go well.

    Look for those flimsy rubber gloves to fall apart and get in the food and/or melt on the cooks’ hands.

    When I worked in a kitchen, I also continually washed my hands. As you say, they were the cleanest part of the kitchen.

    My favorite Californiaism was when they came so darn close to outlawing dihodrogen monoxide (H2O).

    They actually had the bill but then some party pooper told them what they were doing.

      1. while some food workers are probably very disciplined at hand washing, i’m sure some aren’t.

        the gloves thing is probably an easy way to tell if the workers are changing these often enough.

        I personally don’t like people touching my meals with their bare hands

        1. “I personally don’t like people touching my meals with their bare hands”

          That is why they don’t let you see the kitchen at most restaurants. They want to create the illusion that the food magically appears on your plate.

    1. As someone who started opposing plastic contact with food about two minutes ago, because plastics are made out of chemicals, I demand that food workers be required to wear cotton, wool, or leather gloves, or perhaps fur ones, especially when they’re kneading dough.

  2. We all know what will happen in five years. Plastic gloves will be outlawed due to global warming but instead of just getting rid of them at restaurants, they will ban them in hospitals. And they will of course blame some evil big business for the use of plastic gloves instead of their own policies.

    A person should change their gloves after any task they would normally wash their hands for. Gloves don’t mean its cool to stick your hand in the anchovies then the lettuce.

    1. It’s easy enough to track glove consumption at a restaurant, if they are ordering X boxes of gloves
      for Y meals served, it’s probably a good indicator for hygiene.

      Now for handwashing it becomes much harder to tell. While you can look at hand soap
      consumption it gets blurred by the patrons washing up.

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