The Invisible Judith Curry

Apparently, she doesn’t fit the narrative.

[Update a while later]

Gee, maybe global warming isn’t worth doing anything about.

Yeah, may be.

[Update a few minutes later]

Curry responds to Michael Mann’s accusation that she is “anti-science.”

[Update a couple minutes later]

Has the sun gone to sleep?

Who cares? After all, all these genius climate scientists have been telling us the sun doesn’t affect the climate.

[Monday-morning update]

More thoughts on the invisible Judith Curry from Donna LaFramboise.


5 thoughts on “The Invisible Judith Curry”

  1. What Mann meant by “anti-science” is certainly just “anti-church”. He’s a full cardinal, dang it, and he demands respect!

    Judith Curry is a gem.

  2. Curry didn’t sue Mann for the insult?

    Zimmerman over at Behind the Black has been tracking the solar cycle and NASA’s predictions. It is interesting that we are in a double peak cycle and that no one knows why especially the NASA scientists who constantly change their predictions, sometimes even after events have transpired, and keep no public record of their past predictions.

    But I totally trust Mann who has showed that his judgement isn’t affected by being human. He has given up petty human traits such as populisim, tribalism, and malice.

      1. The reason for the low sunspot numbers is that the US economy is in the toilet thanks to Obama’s failed policies. The lack of job growth has caused a severe downturn in the number Aztecs who make the sacrifice of entering the US illegally, reversing the recent decades’ Aztec immigration levels that gave us the solar Grand Maximum. This, combined with the upsurge of piracy in the Indian ocean, is why the sun has gone quiet.

      2. There are a lot of numbers from NASA at that link. Keep in mind they alter their predictions on a regular basis. It is a subtle dishonesty but judging by the problems peer review is having across all disciplines, this type of dishonesty is widespread in the scientific community.

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