Climate Parasites

That’s actually a much better rejoinder to “climate deniers” than global-warming Nazis:

The name “climate parasites” performs two jobs with exactly two words. It derails completely the enemy’s position that our side consists of people who are totally ignorant of climate science, or choose to ignore it. We acknowledge without hesitation that climate change is a proven fact of nature. The name also, however, marginalizes the other side by putting its members into the same category as indulgence sellers and rainmakers: opportunistic frauds who preyed on superstition and natural disasters respectively to separate honest people from their money.

Which is exactly what’s been happening, with Al Gore as king of the con artists.

[Via Judith Curry, who has additional interesting links on the collapse of the “consensus,” which was never anything but the fallacious band-wagon psychology.]

One thought on “Climate Parasites”

  1. Good idea, but the word choice is poor.

    Thinking out loud: Climate Charlatans? Climate Con Men? Climate Communists? Climate Chickens?

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