10 thoughts on “TSA Follies Update”

      1. Whatever. I hope you don’t have to pay a lawyer $200/hr to convince a jury that you didn’t defame the plaintiff by calling her a (probably serial) rapist.

        1. I’m fairly sure many lawyers will be more than happy to provide pro bono support to both Amy Alkon and any other people the TSA molester decides to foolishly sue. If an American cannot complain about a government official in public, then the 1st Amendment is well and truly dead.

      1. Who controlled both houses of Congress from 2006 and the Presidency from 2008 to the present day… and used their overwatch power over the TSA to unionize it, further removing it from responsibility, simply in order to garner union votes and donations?

  1. If one clicks the link provided by Rand, and actually read carefully; they might note the TSA’s lawyer wrote her cease and desist letter in July 2011. Perhaps Jim Davis might want to consult a calendar and consider whether the RestMyCase.com (the name seems to suggest that they try to settle and move on) lawyer worked the odds and is still thinking of going for that $500,000. I wouldn’t expect Jim to do any further research to discover that Amy Alkon updated the situation in Jan 2012 and explicitly stated that Vicky never carried through on the threat to sue.

    But really, none of that is as important as learning we have wimps like Jim Davis, who would happily assume the position for their government officials lest they have to face the discomfort of arguing for their rights in front of a court of law. I think Rand should demand Jim apologize for being a wimp or face being banned. It will be interesting to see who Jim fears more, an ordinary citizen or a government official. I’m thinking Jim fears the government more, so while he would cower in fear if they told him to do so; he’ll opt for being banned rather than show his shame to Rand.

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