9 thoughts on “Safety Is Not The Highest Priority In Human Spaceflight”

  1. I’ve signed.

    But it’s an odd choice of petition site for you, Rand – the DCCC is harvesting names and unless you uncheck the box will presumably send you partisan campaign spam. Possibly even if you do uncheck the box; we’ll see…

    1. I guess I didn’t do enough research before I launched it. What I’ve been getting is “like” spam from envirowhackos. I’ll have to see if I can turn it off. On the other hand, it may be a useful site to have the petition, so it doesn’t look like it’s from flint-hearted conservative Republican.

  2. Yep. Once it looked to have me participate through Facebook, I left the page. No loss though, I hadn’t thought of anything pithy to add in the comments. Could this petition be entered on the whitehouse website?

  3. Typo- “No frontier has ever been explored or opened to development and settlement by humanity without the risk to human life, and space is the harshest one that humanity has ever face.” needs a ‘d’ at the end of ‘face’.

  4. Rand, I think you’ve gone a bit too far in the opposite direction. As phrased, the petition says that getting our canned primates to orbit ASAP with at least two US systems is more important than anything else, including avoiding a !0% loss of crew rate on ascent, transferring them safely to another spacecraft, or getting them home alive.

    I think you want something more like: “Our highest goal in human spaceflight is to restore our ability to take humans to ISS and back on US spacecraft launched by US launchers, with a level of safety equal to or better than that demonstrated by the Space Shuttle, our last manned system, as soon as possible. We also intend to demonstrate this ability with more than one launch system as soon as possible.”

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