One thought on “Monbiotism”

  1. Environmentalism is a Cargo Cult.

    We are asked to pledge to save energy (on the Web site no less — isn’t pledging protection of the environment something like taking a loyalty oath to not be a Communist?).

    Try buying an EnergyStar dehumidifier that uses less energy than one of the older models from a couple Bush Presidencies ago. They are all one (stupid) design manufactured in China, they meet the gummint standards in continuous operation, but they all blow at part load (literally — they run the fan independently from the compressor to reevaporate all the humidity that you just spent electricity condensing on the coil).

    EPA and DOE and the EnergyStar program are slowly catching wise to this (is there anyone you can contact over there?). This year’s EnergyStar products list posts which models run the fan continuously and evaporate condensed moisture when the compressor cycles on and off, and which ones don’t.

    I purchased a unit that EnergyStar said did not have continuous fan, and that one blows too. It runs the fan for a full three minutes after the compressor cuts out. So the unit doesn’t sacrifice efficiency by running the fan continuously, it only runs the fan for an extra three minutes having the same effect. This has the coyness of a Jay Carney presser.

    This is President Obama’s appointee Richard Windsor EPA at work. You go to to get bombarded with enviro bluster about global warming, taking pledges, and saving the planet, but you can’t get information on which dehumidifier saves energ

    Chris, Jim, Andrew-W, you all win, I believe in Climate Change, I want to Save the Planet, I will even “pledge” if someone would please, please tell me what dehumidifier I should get.

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