10 thoughts on “The SpaceX Webcast”

  1. I know some of this to be bullshit, but I’m not sure she does. In any case, we got the outcome we wanted, so it’s time to let it go.

    Dave said he’d also ask her about the media lockout. I wonder if he did that off-the-air.

  2. SpaceX isn’t required to livestream or post videos of anything they do, any more than Blue Origin is required to do so. It’s free ice cream for space nerds. If they give us the best seats in the house, wonderful, and if they don’t, we’ve really got no cause to complain.

        1. Yes, like the “Old Space” contractors they need to keep the public happy so they will write their Congress Critters so SpaceX will get more government contracts. And so their slide continues down the slippery slope…

          1. Bank robber Willie Sutton is said to have robbed banks because “that’s where the money is”.

          2. Which is why we have a “New Space” contracting industry emerging instead of a New Space commerce industry.

            Its also why its taken so long to develop a real space commerce industry beyond comsats because of NASA outbidding commercial firms like Bigelow Aerospace.

    1. Livestreaming launches isn’t required, but it would be insane not to do it. Other launchers livestream, and they do it for a reason (almost free great PR). In fact, just about everyone livestreams. Sea Launch manages it from mid ocean. The Russians even had one set up for the Angara launch attempt from a military launch complex.

      It’s also well worth noting that cutting off livestreaming and press doesn’t make news coverage go away, it just ensures unfavorable coverage.

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