5 thoughts on “Climate Skeptics”

  1. “He urged researchers to forge relationships with politicians, lobbyists, religious figures and leaders of organisations in the hope that they might feel ashamed to misuse scientific evidence.”

    AGW alarmists already rely on faith in scientists, appeal to authority rather than actually knowing the science themselves, but it is telling that the people who claim to be pro-science want to use religious institutions to evangelize their political goals. It is cynical because non-religious people want to appropriate religions to further their goals while also mocking religious people in general for not loving science as much as they do.

    We even have Kerry out there saying we have a holy duty, religious requirement, to enact progressive political agenda to prevent the climate from changing, http://freebeacon.com/issues/kerry-scripture-says-u-s-should-protect-muslim-countries-against-global-warming/

    I thought Romney was going to convert our country into a theocracy but it looks like the Obama administration is doing that.

  2. Dear Secretary Kerry,

    If carbon dioxide is our biggest problem, why aren’t we building more nuclear power plants and finishing the waste disposal site at Yucca Mountain — or anywhere else?

    If global warming is a bigger problem than the Arab-Israeli conflict why are you there instead of, say, Australia, which just backed down from carbon taxes?

  3. Well, the watermelons of the 10:10 project already made a film showing children who aren’t true believers in the faith being blown up. This is just more of the same. I wonder if they’ll bother to gas us before they crush and bury us.

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