Hockey Sticks And “Fraud”

Some reflections from Judith Curry on Professor Mann’s latest court filing.

[Update early afternoon]


After being caught out claiming he was a “Nobel Prize recipient” in his original complaint (then having to retract it), it seems Mann and his lawyers just don’t have the good sense to know when to stop. In this case Mann has been “hoisted by his own petard”. His very own words condemn him. Again.

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5 thoughts on “Hockey Sticks And “Fraud””

  1. WUWT exposes another glaring lie in Mann’s filings.

    In Mann’s current Reply Memorandum (using identical wording to the January 2013 memorandum), Mann accused CEI of trying to “obfuscate”, claiming that the “misleading” comment had “absolutely nothing to do with Dr. Mann, or with any graph prepared by him”, that the “misleading” comment was directed only to the WMO 1999 graphic, in which Mann had no involvement:


    But Jean S has found something even more damning. In Mann’s own CV, Mann lists himself as a coauthor of the WMO 1999 diagram 🙂


  2. That’s an impressive own goal.

    The judge can’t be impressed with that kind of things. It’s like that supposed court case involving the ATF, where a judge supposedly wrote something like “we welcome the ATF’s expertise, assuming they can find it.”

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