11 thoughts on “The Kurds”

  1. The overarching foreign policy of the Obama Administration is to leave no back unstabbed, no ally uninsulted.

    1. Speaking of airstrikes, since August 8th we’ve conducted 290 air attacks on ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria, which is a rate of 167 attacks per month. A basis for comparison is found in statistics compiled by Anthony Cordesman and Marrisa Alison on air operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (link). From 2007 to 2010 in Afghanistan, there were only 5 months when we carried out so few attacks, and that’s with boots on the ground against a much less well equipped and organized enemy. In January of 2008 we had 400 weapon releases (air attacks) in Iraq, and in June of that year we had 984 weapon releases in Afghanistan. What we have now is a half-hearted domestic political appeasement strategy.

  2. Well, it actually makes perfect sense, because there’s just no way the Kurdish Peshmerga, who number only about 200,000, can defeat ISIS. Sure, they’ve defeated ISIS in a couple of battles (Which is more than anyone else has done) but it makes no sense to back the Kurds. Therefor, it makes perfect sense to betray and alienate them, and instead arm and train up to 10,000 Syrian rebels, who surely will cease fighting Assad and turn on ISIS (which is also fighting Assad) and defeat them. After all, we spent billions of dollars over a decade training and arming the Iraqi army, which ISIS routed, so surely we can train up those 10,000 Syrian rebels to smash ISIS in a few months, right?

    Yep, it all makes perfect sense…. if you’re utterly insane.

    1. I wonder if anyone has asked Obama why 10,000 Syrians will stick their necks out for him when he will abandon them just like he did our friends in Iraq?

  3. Allies, are they? Well, who hasn’t? The US has both bombed and armed every single fraction there is in the Middle East. The iranians, Saddam Hussein, talibans, al Qaida, Bashir Assad, Khadaffi, anti-Khadaffi and on and on. Logically, it is time now for the US to give away fighter aircrafts to Iran, your “allied” for the day.

    Btw, why is the Kurdish communist party considered to be a terrorist organization? Why do the Kurds wage war against NATO member Turkey? Does it matter?

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