3 thoughts on “Looking For Anarchy”

  1. It’s an indicator of how statist the State-f*ckers have become under “Il Dufe” that just saying, “Hey, enough with the higher taxes!”–not even “No taxes,” just no increase in the number and amount of taxes–is seen as “anarchism.” (Actually, the Hive probably doesn’t actually see it that way, but “anarchist!” –like “racist!”–is a convenient way to avoid rational argument and thought, and squelch dissent from the Plunderbund.)

  2. It is sad to see how the death of a young black man has been appropriated in a cynical effort to further Democrat’s chances in the upcoming election rather than honor his memory, console his family, or seek justice for the kid and the cop. When the Ferguson protests morphed into advocating for unrelated Democrat militant activism, it lost all legitimacy.

    1. A cop killing someone in the line of duty in the US is so uncommon it actually makes the news. Hundreds of gangbangers kill each other each year in Chicago alone, and nobody cares.

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