Obama’s Great Ebola Error

The last time a president tried to make a health crisis about national security, fifty million people died.

It’s not surprising, really. Wilson was our first truly fascist president (complete with racism). Obama is simply following in his (and Roosevelt’s) footsteps.

And meanwhile, we don’t really have anything resembling a national response. So I guess ebola is just another thing that the president has no strategy on.

[Update a while later]

Well, this was inevitable. Ebola is the GOP’s fault. Because they’ve been in charge of the CDC, with its emphasis on junk nutrition science and gun control, while its budget rose.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The problem with the argument that it’s Republicans’ fault.

As Glenn says, if Congress was smart, it would force the CDC to shift funding from all the junk science it’s been doing, and start focusing on actual infectious diseases. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a world in which Congress is smart.

[Update a couple minutes later]

The CDC is losing its grip. The country’s in the very best of hands.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Great Ebola Error”

  1. Wilson is guilty of a great many things (Fascism included), but IMHO, time travel is not amongst them. Thus, he can’t really be blamed for taking actions in 1917 regarding the “Spanish” flu, which first appeared in the US in 1918 (The archival records are pretty clear on this… including the first case at Ft Riley, name included (A cook, as I recall) in Spring of 1918.)

    Further, by claiming as fact that the flu originated in Kansas (possible, but not probable… and considered unlikely by historians not named Crosby) the article undermines its own credibility.

    Other than that… they raise a good point; coloring things as “national security” that aren’t is counter-productive.

  2. Well so now Obama has appointed an “Ebola Czar”.

    First off the use of the term “czar” is infantile and stupid.

    Secondly, as Ron Fournier said, we already have an Ebola Czar…he’s called Barrack Hussein Obama. And he has a chief of staff and a room stuffed with cabinet members among them the HHS Secretary.

    He has enough people to get the job done.

    But like most things Obama does, this move was not to solve a problem. It was to look like a problem was being addressed.

    I notice that whenever a “situation” arises. Obama seems to select the one action or set of actions which will most exasperate the load. Not solve it…make it worse.

    Almost as if he wanted to collapse the government

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