7 thoughts on “Michelle’s “Healthy Lunch” Program”

  1. I can’t even find the guidelines. There is so much bureaucratic BS on their websites. Seriously, has anyone looked at their site? There is this: http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/dietary-guidelines-2010

    And this: http://www.cnpp.usda.gov/MyPlate

    Not that it matters. Anyone paying attention knows the US Government’s guidelines on nutrition is complete lunacy. Can we blame George Mc Govern for the murder of millions of Americans?

    As Gary Taubes writes in his article The Soft Science of Dietary Fat:
    “It was Senator George McGovern’s bipartisan, nonlegislative Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs–and, to be precise, a handful of McGovern’s staff members–that almost single-handedly changed nutritional policy in this country and initiated the process of turning the dietary fat hypothesis into dogma.”

    Source: http://www.healthy-eating-politics.com/usda-food-pyramid.html

    And can we thank Obama for the millions more that will die under pathetic government oversight of our health care system?

  2. Never thought I would see the day when our government would be dictating what people eat. Can’t wait for Obama to be gone so that Democrats can go back to hating stuff like this.

  3. Anyone paying the least bit of attention in 2007 knew these two were classist. Their hand was tipped when, in Iowa, Obama is giving a speech and he’s talking about high food prices and then says,

    As quoted from the NY Times:
    “Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?” the senator said. “I mean, they’re charging a lot of money for this stuff.”

    The state of Iowa, for all of its vast food production, does not have a Whole Foods, a leading natural and organic foods market. The closest? Omaha, Minneapolis or Kansas City.


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