8 thoughts on “Climate And The Sun”

  1. They have to refuse to acknowledge that the sun plays a role in climate. The sun has to be constant. The only variable that can have any effect is the existence of a free market (notice not a word is said about the environmental devastation and actual pollution in the former Soviet Union or today’s China). Watermelons, all.

  2. The LIA lasted around 500 years (1350-1850), the Maunder Minimum lasted about 70 years (1655 – 1715), so the LIA was so clever it was able to anticipate the cooling from the Maunder Minimum by 300 years.

      1. Slight correction, (1645 – 1715)

        Andrew, I must disagree. The Maunder Minimum began two years earlier, in 1643 when Louis XIV took the throne in France. The Maunder Minimum did indeed end in 1715, on September 1st, precisely at the moment of Louis XIV’s death. There is, of course, controversy surrounding the the question of what was the cause and what was the effect, but it wasn’t for nothing that they called him the Sun King.

  3. Fred Thompson pointed out that all you had to do is look at all the planets to refute human caused climate change. Climate change requires the force of a super volcano… something humans can’t even produce if they fired the entire world supply of bombs and even then the climate goes back to normal after a few short years.

    The only thing more powerful is the left’s hubris.

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