11 thoughts on “Social Injustice Ate My Homework”

  1. I wonder what the professors’ reaction would have been if a student had asked for a chance to delay his exams in case there were violent protests on campus?

  2. …when nobody is willing to defend civilized standards, the barbarians and their lawyers, lobbyists, and community organizers win.

    FTF whoever.

    1. Edward, you are really dating us! I hadn’t thought of The Paperchase in years. John Houseman passed on in 1988.

      But you’re right – he wouldn’t be positively impressed, and I would dearly love to think that there are a few profs like that out there today.

  3. So, *law students* are so traumatized by the a *grand jury finding* that they can’t function?

    Seems to me that they’ve just clearly, unequivocally, given permanent, definitive proof that they are utterly unfit for their chosen profession. And, just about any other profession, too.


  4. Nobody has yet commented, that I’ve seen, to the fact that the high level professors, deans and adminstrators are likely all veterans of the anti-Vietnam protests/student revolts of the 60s. Based on experience, I’d say they’ve been hiring their political colleagues and reject their political opponents since they got that power. So these kind of “shocking” results are nothing of the kind.

    1. Didn’t I say that? It’s the ‘adults’ we have to rid of.

      We should expect this from some children but we’re supposed to correct them… and their lawyers, lobbyists, and community organizers.

      We’ve given up the battle when we don’t demand that those training children and childish ‘adults’ aren’t held accountable. We are still the majority even in the liberal bastions, but mostly we’ve given up.

      What we should be doing is strangling there funds, which we are providing in more abundance every day. When we finally do get so fed up that we do get congress to act (cutting off Acorn) we let them come right back through another door.

      We should be hounding their talking heads like they do Sarah Palin. We have the facts on our side, but they have learned how to yell squirrel so they are never held accountable. We need to make Joe McCarthy, who was right after all, look like a wallflower. We should all be Breitbart… only louder and more in their face. This is war and we’ve chosen surrender… for the same reason as these students… because it’s hard and they’ll pick on us.

      Sometimes you can’t win. The state just sent me a bill of $600 for an abandoned RV I sold almost 3 years ago. They pulled out the engine I’d repaired and left the shell somewhere. The guy I sold it to is dead.

      Paying the extortion may be the cheapest route, but forging a bill of sale and arguing with the state is a great temptation when such a large percentage of my pitiful income is at stake… but we’re the good guys which means we don’t cheat. But we can’t just roll over either. This is an existential fight… and the bad guys know it. Do we?

  5. Interview question: We have a deadline tomorrow but you have been traumatized by injustice. Will you make the deadline?

    Just kidding. If I felt the need to ask that question, the interview would be over.

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