9 thoughts on “When The Government Tells You What To Eat”

  1. “It’s possible that a mostly meatless diet could be healthy for all Americans — but then again, it might not be.”

    It doesn’t matter if it allows Democrats a chance to dictate how you live every little detail of your life. What happened to Democrats being non-conformists who didn’t like old people bossing them around?

    The other angle is the war on meat. The green religion zealots think its sinful.

    1. I honestly believe there is something more sinister afoot. The self-appointed ruling class wants to keep the masses weak and incapable of challenging their rule. They really do want to take us back to the Middle Ages, when serfs were forbidden to hunt in the King’s forests.

      In every way, they are trying to create a two-tier society where different rules apply for the nobility and the peasantry. They get to eat whatever they want, live in great mansions, and fly in private jets; while we are supposed to become vegetarians, live in urban high-rises, and ride public transportation.

      1. “when serfs were forbidden to hunt in the King’s forests.”

        It’s already like that now. I live in Washington state and most of our public lands are off limits without a permit. They aren’t super expensive but it has regressive impacts on poor people who recreate outdoors in part because it is cheaper than bars, restaurants, and movies. Every year or couple years the costs of permits increases.

        This year I will be spending about $45 on a fishing license and another $30 on a Discover Pass just so I can walk on public land. It isn’t super expensive but it adds up. People who hunt get stuck pretty hard and each thing you want to hunt will be another endorsement to pay for. It really wipes out any savings you would get from buying food in the store. People who hunt, fish, and hike get jacked.

        Very rarely do we see any maintenance or improvements done on these lands. Trees grow up in front of viewing benches for twenty years. Many places don’t even have trash cans. But I get stopped so often by the fish cops that I feel like I should be getting invites to their kid’s birthday parties and chocolates on Valentine’s.

  2. And of course, they’d like to tax you to fprce you into behavior that they deem fit:

    “The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its far-reaching 571-page report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday, which detailed its plans to “transform the food system.
    Align nutritional and agricultural policies with Dietary Guidelines recommendations and make broad policy changes to transform the food system so as to promote population health, including the use of economic and taxing policies to encourage the production and consumption of healthy foods and to reduce unhealthy foods,” its report read.”

    Aside from the fact that this is unbelieveably nosey and pushy and none of their freaking business…..

    …aside from the fact that the frigging world is on fire and there are government brain cycles, money and seconds wasted on this codswallop…..

    What if they (once again) get it wrong? What if they were taxing us all along for the LAST dietary guide the Feds have been pushing for decades? What would they say then?


    These morons haven’t the slightest idea of what they are talking about, technically. But they DO know a possibility for a power grab and tax income when they see it…..

    1. And of course, ignorami like Jim will use faulty nutritional science to force people what to eat. After all, now that the government is paying for your health care, it has the right to tell you what you can and cannot eat, to save money. For the greater good. If you don’t think this is possible, then come to Seattle where calories are placed on all the menus. Because calories are important. Except they aren’t as important as they are supposed to be.

      And like the “climate consensus”, they will assume that they are right about nutrition, all the while committing a slow and painful and expensive genocide, just like they’ve done with cholesterol and saturated fats.

      1. “And of course, ignorami like Jim will use faulty nutritional science to force people what to eat.”

        There is always a heavy dose or morality that comes with it. They view eating meat as morally wrong. Being fat is a moral failing.

    2. If they’re close to the US average, members of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee should weigh about 180 pounds and dress out to about 100 pounds boneless and 120 pounds bone-in.

    1. Agreed. The government should butt out. Anyone who thinks a government sanctioned “authority” should have the last say on anything needs to have their head examined.

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