Yes, it really does seem to be good for you. I don’t consider myself an “addict,” though. I can take it or leave it. I don’t like it that much, and it has no discernible effect on me. I drink it only for health reasons.

But this isn’t really true:

The bad news? Frappuccinos and lattes are not included. You have to drink it black, because added sugar, cream, and milk can pack on the calories.

The experts aren’t very “expert” if they continue to push the calorie myth. The sugar is bad because, well, sugar is bad. Cream and milk are fine though (though I do drink mine black). I do add some sea salt in the filter to take the bite out of the bitterness.

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  1. Salting the coffee is an interesting idea. I used to date a girl who added salt to fruit salad; she claimed it made the fruit taste sweeter, though I couldn’t discern much of a difference.

  2. I despise drip coffee, but love espresso and cappuccino (warning; don’t think you’ve had the good stuff if you only try it at starbucks type places – yuck). I make my own, and I use a pinch of salt.

    The pinch of salt trick for coffee is common in the Navy and Coast Guard, BTW.

    Am I addicted to coffee? Absolutely not! It’s no more necessary to my daily routine than, say, oxygen…

  3. Couple of weeks ago I picked up an Aeropress by Aerobie coffee maker. It makes a cup of coffee with the same full flavor as a french press coffee maker but in a quarter of the brewing time and 1000 times easier to clean up. And because you press the water through the coffee beans with a plunger you can get a good cup of coffee out of some mediocre, stall coffee beans. Since you only steep the water with the beans for less than a minute it doesn’t have time to pick up all the off putting flavors that contribute to a dirty mouth feel. I first heard about it on a blog and then went on Amazon and saw that out of nearly 6000 reviews it was averaging 4.5 stars. And I will certainly give it a 5 star rating as I sit here sipping my Aeropress coffee. It costs about $25 dollars and comes with 350 paper filter disks that’ll last you about a year if you’re a light weight that only drinks one cup of coffee a day. And the whole kit is engineered where all the parts fit compactly together for travel. For the coffee snob they also make a stainless steel reusable filter to avoid that, “off putting paper taste.”. But I can’t say I really taste the flavor of paper either way. There are countless YouTube videos of people meticulously brewing a cup of coffee with their Aeropress; accurately measuring brewing times, water temps, and plunger pressing duration. It’s one of things that really exposes those people with obsessive compulsive disorders. I just simply follow the directions that it came with and make a really clean, flavorful, and most importantly — a strong cup of coffee.

    1. That looks like a fair amount of work, though also pretty fun.

      I suppose you skipped my review of the Keurig B60.

      I’d never heard of the salt trick before. I’ll have to try it.

      And if milk is so bad why do we give it to babies?

      1. It can seem like it but really from start of brewing to finished cup of coffee it takes about a minute once you get all the semantics down. That even includes cleaning out.

  4. Don’t underestimate the importance of the water. I don’t live in a place with really bad tasting water (though I have in the past so I have experience). I recently used a jug of walmart distilled to make coffee and the result was pretty impressive, and completely noticeable.

    1. Curt makes a very good point above.

      I use unchlorinated well water, which works fine, but when I’ve been away and tried using chlorinated tap water, I really notice the foul taste.

      1. If you brew with holy or baptismal water you’ll really notice a difference. You will wake up reborn. It will open your eyes and you’ll see the light. It will warm you up and save your soul. It’s good till the last drop or the end of days. Jesus came back for a second cup.

  5. I’m on a well and have impossibly hard water. I use distilled water in my machine because I think it produces better tasting coffee and it doesn’t scale the inners of the machine.

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