8 thoughts on “ISIS’s Next Target”

  1. “Like Hitler contemplating his next target . . . in late 1944.”

    Now that this thread has been Godwinized, it should be pointed out that Hitlers next target, in 1944, was the American Army. In the Ardennes. It was called the Battle of the Bulge. It was a “close thing” on account a stretch of bad winter weather grounding the American fighter bombers, and our side only prevailed because of a level of toughness that appears to be missing at the very highest levels these days.

    Please, try and keep up . . .

    1. The battle of the bulge was a forgone conclusion, not a “close thing”, German generals were fleeing from involvement as they knew an imminent disaster when they saw it coming, the resultant German losses certainly hastened the conclusion of the war in Europe.
      If you had sense you’d understand I was talking about “next target” in the context of the post, ie. invading other nations.

      Try not to get your understanding of history from the movie theater.

  2. If Saudi Arabia is interested in stopping ISIS from invading Lebanon they could just stop funding them. Also make sure to ask Qatar to stop funding those bozos as well.

    But no. They would rather these radicals vent their spleen on Iraq and Syria. This way they weaken Iraq and Syria and release tensions at home against the House of Saud.

    Karma is a bitch. Israel keeps treating wounded ISIS terrorists in their own hospitals after they pass through Lebanon and Jordan because they are interested in seeing the Arabs kill each other and they hate Hezbollah. I wonder how much they would like to have ISIS enter Israel in force proper.

    1. As far as I can tell the accusation of Saudi funding of ISIS is on a par with the accusation of NATO supplying ISIS fighters.

      1. I’m sure that there is a lot of Saudi funding of ISIS but, as with Al Qaeda, it’s not from the Kingdom itself, but a lot of wealthy supporters (almost certainly including a lot of princes).

        1. Truely, there is a princely faction willing to fund ISIS. The worse problem is that because of the internal politics of the House of Saud, the King still gives those princes money from the oil funds. Without that, the fights over who would be the successor to the last King would have been far more bitter, and far more public. The Elders of the family decided, once again, to buy their way out of dissent.

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