4 thoughts on “SpaceX And Blue Origin”

  1. How can you patent the mere *idea* of landing a rocket on a ship?

    Where is the apparatus? Where are the methods that would allow one skilled in the art to successfully do this themselves (once the patent expires).

    That’s the whole point of granting a patent after all. Protection for a limited time, in exchange for giving away all the secrets needed to reduce the idea to practice.

    Not that Blue Origin have reduced it to practice themselves. That makes them a patent troll, not someone deserving of protection.

    The ship aspect is somewhat novel, but it’s not SpaceX’s long term plan — they want to land back at base once the bugs are ironed out.

    Powered landing of a rocket, per se, is surely not patentable. There is any amount of prior art, from the moon landings to DC-X.

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