The Obama/Netanyahu Phone Call

The crisis has exploded:

The crisis in the relationship we discuss in our new editorial statement has entered a new and potentially unprecedented phase.

It may well be that the president is going to present American Jews with a choice over the coming months no American president should ask us to make—to become parties to and participants in his effort to create what, in 2009, he called “daylight” between the U.S. and Israel.

…If you want to hate what Netanyahu said, hate it. But here’s the thing: How the prime minister of Israel talks about Israeli citizens who possess equal rights under the law and have their own means of redress under the law if they are mistreated should have no basis whatever in the “assessment” of the bilateral relationship between the United States and Israel. The president has spent years making very nice patter with Turkey’s Erdogan and other foreign leaders whose treatment of minorities do not deserve mention alongside Israel’s and whose suffering small sub-populations have no means of achieving redress.

Even those who are furious with Netanyahu should really take a breath and a close look and consider this point carefully: The Arab-vote business is a pretext. American presidents, this one especially, typically do not revisit special strategic relationships based on election-day maneuvers in a democracy, however unpleasant they might find them. In my view, Obama is hoping once again to use liberal Jewish disaffection in the United States with Netanyahu as a wedge to give him space to make a major policy pivot from the special relationship—one for which he has hungered since he came into office.


[Update early evening]

No peace in the Middle East soon, but it’s not because of Bibi.

The idiocy of the left knows no bounds.

10 thoughts on “The Obama/Netanyahu Phone Call”

    1. Well he continues the worst than Jimmy Carter.
      But Obama will do far more damage to Dems than Carter did
      to Dems. So Carter made Dems look more like children in terms
      of foreign policy. Which dems really have yet to recover from.
      Obama moving to the plane that Dems are not simply foolish
      in regard to foreign policy, but rather have a malice intention in foreign
      policy. So Dems have got childish and criminal.
      Plus of course since Obama was elected because he was black, that
      going to consequence due to Obama failure as first Black President.
      Dems are going to lose the black vote. If just more than 1/2 of black
      vote goes to Dems, that would be a serious consequences.
      And add in to it, Hillary, and Dems are poised to lose the female vote due to her obvious incompetence.

      How could one plan to destroy the Dem any better?
      Now some Dems will continue to be proud of Obama and Hillary
      regardless of what they do, but probably not the vast majority
      of them.

      1. ” due to Obama failure as first Black President.
        Dems are going to lose the black vote.”

        It is hard to break through the Democrat’s racist stereotypes though. Minorities in general but especially black people are attacked as race traitors if they don’t back Democrats. Even now, with Obama’s poor performance for all to see, he still has high support among black people and Democrats.

        Maybe this will change over the near future?

        It is possible for black people to support Obama but still not be happy with him. Someone could appeal to black voters and peel them away from Democrats but it will take a conscious effort to counteract the brainwashing and it may take more than one election cycle.

  1. Obama will get what he wants. As an American Jew (and btw at most an agnostic) I find that the vast majority of us will create whatever delusions needed to preserve our true religion – Marxism, collectivism etc.

    Opening up that “daylight” may cause some personal qualms, but they will be stilled against the “hope” of once again aiding the most left Administration ever.

    And BTW I’m not a 100% Bibi fan, but the possibility of nuclear annihilation of Israel does tend to focus the mind on what’s important. It only takes one warhead from Iran to effectively wipe out the country. Takes many more to retaliate, and by then it’s too late.

    Another problem I have with the Left parties in Israel has been their objection to excessive economic “liberalism” from the Right such as Likud – by which they mean classical liberalism, i.e. there’s too much economic freedom.

  2. But the IRS was just following the rules and implementing them in a non-partisan manner. You might think it illegal for a non-profit to engage in politics but not when Democrats do it.

  3. This may be our president putting space between us and Israel so when Bibi makes his move to set back Iran’s program to get the bomb, Obama can preserve his friendship with the Arabs who are not trying to blow us up. Things are rarely as they seem in international relations. I can only hope our current bunch has something on the ball this time.

    1. “This may be our president putting space between us and Israel ”

      I don’t know how this strategy doesn’t get more commentary from our media. They try and blame Netanyahu or the Republicans for the damaged relationship without ever bothering to mention that it was Obama’s stated intention to distance the USA from our ally Israel.

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