More Free Speech Problems

Though, actually, it sounds like this kid is kind of a nutcase.

[Friday-morning update]

This seems related somehow:

These little Junior Anti-Sex League members combine thuggishness and fragility in a particularly obnoxious way. They should be sent home until they are mature enough for college. And America. And no parent should pay tuition to a school that takes this sort of hysterical behavior seriously.

Higher ed (as well as public ed) is an effing mess.


3 thoughts on “More Free Speech Problems”

  1. Over 20 years ago, closer to 30 on second thought, my wife and I went to a marriage counselor. At the time we were having trouble with our older son, and his school’s administrators, it was causing us a great deal of hate and discontent. The lady we saw, talked to us for a few minutes and gave us some advice that helped all of us great deal.

    A few months later, we went back, for a follow up, but that nice lady was no longer working in that practice, so without telling us, they just ‘gave’ us another lady.

    We were barely in our seats before she launched into her bona fides, part of which was being all but finished with a PhD in Family Practice Counseling, emphasis on VIOLENCE IN THE HOMES OF CHILDREN. Her ultimate goal was start an new Dept for teaching her specialty, at the University level.

    She gave us a questionnaire, and we each filled one out. Who knew I was so violent!

    Roughhousing was was ‘violence’

    Arguing above a normal speaking voice was ‘violence’.
    [and I thought that argument in a rational voice was called ‘discussion’, but she was the one with the degrees, right? ]

    Shouting loudly was ‘gross violence’.

    In short, turns out that me doing anything other than saying yes with my hands in my pockets was ‘violence’.

    When I realized that all the problems of the world were about to be laid at my feet [or more to the point, in front of my male appendage] I told my wife she was free to stay, but I’d heard enough. Luckily, she was waiting to see HOW I was going to react, she was ready to go halfway through the questionnaire.

    For a 45 minute meeting, we were 30 minutes in, and we NEVER got to the follow up. That was the first time we ever encountered that, but since then, violence is everywhere, or so it seems. I’ve heard them ask my wife, kids and grandkids about violence, after glancing sidelong at me.

    [yes, I know I am a big, hairy, biker looking dude…so what? I also wear a Santa Hat from the Friday after Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve, and talk to every kid who stops me…no one sees THAT me as potentially violent, it must be the HAT]

    My wife left a GYN Doc, after going there for a few years. She had trouble with her there car once and I had to go pick her up in their office. When we got home, there was a msg from one of the nurses, checking on her, because, ‘we wanted to make sure you were safe, your husband looks a little rough’. I’ve often wondered how many guys who DO beat their wives, but show up in a suit and tie, instead of wearing a leather vest, carrying two motorcycle helmets like I did, EVER get questioned in the minds of those medical pros?

    I think the screamers and hand wringers do way more harm screaming about 1 in 5 and 70% of young girls and 50% of children, than if they’d just show up at the polls and elect people who are ANTI-crime and don’t care if going to jail sucks. But most of these folks are usually hyper-libs, who want to rehabilitate abusers and such.

    How’s that working so far?

    1. der Schtumpy – you didn’t mention whether you spoke to the employer of this new “counsellor” regarding your concerns. Perhaps you did, but all too often this insanity goes unchallenged. I believe that’s a big reason why they’ve developed so much influence. It’s time to turn that around.

  2. “How’s that working so far?”

    For them, it’s working very well. For the rest of society, not so much.

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