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  1. Yes…6 months ago Obama himself touted Yemen as the jewel in the crown of Obama Foreign policy.

    Like everything else he touches it turns to dreck…

    1. p.s….not only does everything he touches turn to dreck…thousands, if not 10’s or 100’s of thousands, die in the process….

      1. One wonder if that isn’t why he is pushing for a deal with Iran; he wants to maintain his perfect record of failure and catastrophe.

        1. It’s much simpler than that:

          Obama is a Muslim
          He’s an acolyte of Edward Said, Rashid Khalidi, Ayers, Dorn, and Jeremiah Wright.
          He’s on Iran’s side

          Simple as that.

          1. Gregg,

            Thanks for the heads up on Edward Said. Another leftist literary critic out to destroy the US. Since he taught at Columbia, I can only imagine he was influenced by the Frankfurt School.

        2. It could be part of Obama’s negotiating strategy. Build up Iran’s influence in the region to show that we don’t want to stop them from being a global power in exchange for them to give up nukes.

          But how many countries have to fall to the Iranians?

          We couldn’t do anything in Syria because it might upset Iran and prevent a deal. Now, Yemen is gone. Israel is in a tough spot from Iranian proxy groups and the threat of nukes.

          We let Iranian troops fight in Iraq and also allowed the Iranian proxy militias to make a comeback. The militias and dominance of the Shia politically is one of the things Obama cited as the root cause for the rise of ISIS and the poor cohesion of the Iraqi government. But now he embraces it because he thinks sacrificing Iraq gives him leverage with Iran.

          Iran has killed thousands of Americans and been the puppeteer behind many of the groups causing havoc in the region. Obama rewards and enables them because he thinks that because we already have some unsavory friends why not add another? And if it means we lose some current allies its ok because they won’t attack us anyway, they just won’t be allies anymore. Which is fine for Obama because he hates Israel.

          A strong and nuclear armed Iran will act as a deterrent and counter to American influence and interventions in the region and Obama likes that as well.

          1. A nuclear armed Iran will result in other states in the region arming up with nukes (either building or buying from Paki). Given the cheap price on life some of those regional players have, I think that tremendously increases the chances one will be used.

          2. “It could be part of Obama’s negotiating strategy. Build up Iran’s influence in the region to show that we don’t want to stop them from being a global power in exchange for them to give up nukes.”

            A lot of dead muslims, dead christians, raped women and children sold into slavery aren’t too happy with that deal

          3. I agree with both comments. Obama is killing non proliferation and using these countries as 3d chess pawns is leading to a huge body count far greater than the Iraq war.

  2. I think we’re being a bit unreasonably hard on Obama over his touting Yemen as a success story (and an example of what success looked like) a few months ago; We should at least give him the benefit of the doubt and allow the possibility that for him, the terrorists taking over *is* what success looks like.

  3. Well, to be fair, it is possible to run a good game but still lose because the other team has a say in the outcome. Surely we made some mistakes but its a bit like bluffing your way through with a 7 and 2.

    Yemen was a country ruled by a dictator with AQ fighters in one part of the country and the Houthis in another. Both groups were trying to dethrone the dictator. Ordinarily we would support this but one group was AQ and the Houthis are Iranian proxies. Whoever controls the country is bad from our POV.

    Yemen is a real threat so losing this battleground really sucks for the larger effort. For those that don’t recall, Yemen is where Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan had set up shop before getting droned. The influence of those two on AQ’s and ISIS’s propaganda machines is still seen today.

    The implosion of Yemen isn’t all that surprising considering AQ, its affiliates, and Iranian proxy groups are waging WWIII in the ME.

  4. What I learned from this post: you probably should delegate babysitting an infant to someone else. Given your understanding of what an infant is capable of remembering, I think both of you would find it very frustrating.

  5. This criminal administration is now telling us that Yemen is a success because we can continue to “pressure” the bad guys there. This was right after the President of Yemen fled by sea….and our forces had to leave.

    This is the same criminal administration whose spokesman – Earnest – did not answer the direct questions: “Will we have something written on paper that everyone can sign?” when the discussion was the nuke “treaty” with Iran.

    He refused to say yes or no but only that we will have “tangible” results.

    Lying dogs.

  6. Comrades it is glorious news that our ally Iran has taken over Yemen. This frees up more of our air assets to fly air support missions for Iranian soldiers in Iraq. Death to America!

    1. Dismantle Iraq and the power shifts to the neighboring Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Who hate each other. Hardly unexpected.

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