“Deniers” And Ideologues

Judith Curry’s warning to Bjorn Stevens: “In my quest to objectively evaluate the IPCC’s attribution argument and stand up for research integrity post Climategate, I was not ‘pulled’ away from the establishment community by ‘deniers’; rather I was ‘pushed’ away by scientists who were IPCC ideologues and advocates. Watch out.”

6 thoughts on ““Deniers” And Ideologues”

  1. She should have worded it “pushed away by IPCC ideologues and advocates claiming to be scientists”

    1. True. The roster of individuals who published the reports has very fee actual scientists and are mostly political appointments

  2. “denier” in this context is an ironic use of the term. You need to chill, Rand. I’m sure Dr. Curry is getting death threats by the bushel from the bad guys, so let’s cut her some slack.

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