Climate “Denial”

Making nonsense of it:

It is clear from all this that Cook et al. are UNFCCC/IPCC ideologues. There is nothing wrong per se with ideology; it is the ideologues that are the problem – absence of doubt, intolerance of debate, appeal to authority, desire to convince others of the ideological “truth”, and a willingness to punish those that don’t concur. They need to look in the mirror and understand their own motivated reasoning.

Phil Plait is such a disappointment on this topic.

8 thoughts on “Climate “Denial””

  1. I stopped reading Plait years ago, when it became clear that he had abandoned all skepticism about global warming/climate change/climate disruption/bad weather.

    110 years later it is still only the *theory* of relativity. Einstein doesn’t get a pass; why does Mann?

    1. Climatology is still in its infancy. Rather than be humble, right out of the gate they jump straight to, “We all gonna die. The world is going to end.”

      Maybe start with something smaller to buff up credibility? Nope, world gonna end in fiery apocalypse then drown.

      End of World apocalyptic predictions don’t have a very good record…

      1. I don’t think it’s because Mann sues, or that there’s money in it (for Plait? how?). I think it’s signalling. The AGW position has been presented as popular. Ya don’t wanna be unpopular, do ya? “Ooo, I get to hang out with the cool kids (for once)”.

      2. Think bigger. AGW is big business. I’m talking carbon exchanges, carbon credits, and the current government funding glut for “alternate” energy sources. The people and corporations pushing AGW and the laws (and treaties) they say will ‘fix the problem’ could buy and sell Mann and a hundred like him and not notice.

  2. I wonder how many enviro-progs would maintain fevered devotion to everything that comes out of the IPCC if they realized that it was created by Margaret Thatcher to make the case for building nuclear power plants. The coal miner unions went on strike during the 80’s and put a strangle hold on British power production which was largely coal powered. At the time it wasn’t really believed that CO2 had any affect on climate but there was a few climate studies that proposed the theory that large increases of CO2 could cause the global to warm up. In an attempt to undermine the coal miners Thatcher commissioned the IPCC to gin up evidence that CO2 would contribute to catastrophic global warming and use that as evidence that Great Britain should switch to nuclear power production.

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