Of Feet And Knees

Thoughts from Sarah Hoyt on the “elites”‘ timorousness in defending Pamela Geller. This is the post from Ace that she’s referencing.

As I’ve watched person after person “distance” themselves from Pamela Geller, a disgraceful and bizarre idea, because, let’s make this very clear: she had a contest for people to draw Mohammed in vile ways; two people tried to shoot her and everyone in there.

Let’s repeat that in case you don’t get it: lines on paper, which no one who potentially could be offended by it needed to see were responded to with an attempt at killing her.

If you don’t think that’s bizarre, substitute the contest to draw Mohammed with a contest to draw Christ in the most vile way possible [we already have that. It’s called the NEA-ed.] Imagine that two armed people showed up to shoot you for it. How many people who did the ritual “Geller made the poor Muslims do it” all over the media, including Fox News, would do the same? One? None?

Of course, Christians don’t do that. At most they would show up at pray at you. And THAT would be considered hateful and closed minded, and people would talk about being intimidated going into the art show [Every time another show comes up with a way to insult Christians this script plays out.] And then the police would show up to keep them separated, just like outside Planned Parenthood, the people who pray the rosary at you have to keep a certain distance or be arrested, because, well, they make people feel bad and it’s hate speech.

I have yet to hear a talking head say “Well, if people don’t want to be prayed at, they shouldn’t have abortions in a fixed place, in public. I mean, it’s like a trap for Catholics.” Or “if people don’t want those fundies to show up and shout Bible verses at them, they shouldn’t have [yet another] a play showing the Messiah of Christianity having gay sex.” Or… No, you don’t hear it, and for students of religion who wonder about things like the Crusades which, they keep telling us, have no Biblical support, it might be a good idea – as the good professor says – to think about the incentives you’re providing.

As I noted on Twitter the other day, I think we should have a lot more events like this, as honeypots to draw out the savages into the open. It would be a demonstration of the most profound American value, not “tolerance” (these people wouldn’t know tolerance if it kicked them in the nads), but freedom of expression. You could even expand the contest to mock Jesus and Mary, Moses, Brigham Young, and Buddha. Who do you think will show up with guns blazing?

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  1. There’s an even more powerful American value than freedom of expression, though perhaps not as profound: marksmanship.

  2. That’s what’s changed in America!

    We have raised a nation of cowards!

    It’s what makes Pam and Breitbart stand out from the crowd so vividly.

    We should be ashamed of calling ourselves ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ until we get it back.

    O’Reilly you’re a coward (and bully.) Who else?

  3. Naw, we haven’t turned coward. It’s just that the lily livered yellow striped variety also invariably come with the largest mouths and a need to justify themselves. That’s changing. We’re calling them out to their faces and it will happen more and more.

  4. Claims that Geller caused violence by doing something known to be offensive fall into the:

    “Well if she didn’t want to be raped, she shouldn’t have worn sexy clothes.”


  5. Jim Treacher has an even better example:

    “What If Islamic Terrorists Attacked A Gay Wedding In The Name Of Allah?”

    No one would be screaming that the participants asked for it…..

    No one would be screeching that they participants are hideous islamophobes.

    And yet islamo-nazi’s hang and stone and throw gays off the roof to great merriment of the onlookers below.

  6. I heard one media “personality” condemn the contest on the grounds that it would “endanger the police” who would respond!

    I guess this jackwagon is against bait cars, too.

  7. I still say it’s cowardliness only to attack those you know will not turn violent.

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