3 thoughts on “Human-Caused Climate Change”

  1. Related, from Steyn. Didn’t cause the current conflict in Iraq but impeding those fleeing Ramadi. If not for global warming their bridges wouldn’t need to be built so high above the water.

  2. “An extreme drought in the Fertile Crescent region California —one that a new study finds was made worse by human greenhouse gas emissions—added a spark to the tinderbox of tensions that had been amassing in Syria California for a number of years under the Assad 9th District’s regime (including poor water management policies).”

    To what degree do the immigration policies and water management policies of California contribute to a similar tinderbox of tensions? Would a repeat of the 1992 L.A. Riots (vis a vis Ferguson, Baltimore, etc), be able to be stopped in today’s world? Or would it devolve to the point where California started to look like Syria? Would our nation’s leaders even step in to stop such a thing, or would they stand back, wring their hands, and blame it all on “years of white oppression”?

  3. So close. So close.

    The pieces are in place, potential asteroid mining, a commercial approach to space. It is all for naught I fear. I was so looking forward to being a ‘Rolling Stone’ in the Heinlein perspective.

    I hope and pray we (as mankind) will survive what is about to happen to us.

    Perhaps, the Book of Revelations was correct – the final battles are upon us. I don’t know anymore. I was waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple of David – I thought that would signal the end time.

    Should have known better, “I shall come as a thief in the night” and all that.

    The current world is looking more and more like the story line in “The Book of Eli”.


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