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  1. “Based on the evidence of his online statements, he is at war with the community. He wants to disrupt and destroy. He has — by his own devices — selected himself out.”

    But don’t say Obama hates America.

    I can’t believe this is still going on and that after all this time, the SJW’s are still claiming that Sad Puppies are just a bunch of racists who hate women. Its almost as if the application of the term racist has prevented the SJW people from reading what people actually say and looking at the others as human beings.

  2. I perused that Tor thread the other day. It is amazing the degree to which VD has completely set up housekeeping in some of those peoples heads. “You minions, how do you feel being tools of the dark lord!!11!!”. Umm, you tell us.

  3. The SJW side likes fretting about the shape of the Paris table way too much. Giving communists a more convenient stage for propaganda wouldn’t have brought peace to Vietnam even a minute faster.

    And the way the war ended shows that peace was never their intention anyway.

    There’s a lesson in there for today.

  4. He’s Jewish. As a understand it, this isn’t quite “white.” It means he’s from Semitic origins.

    1. Bigots have directed this phrase towards Jews for a long time. For example, the following fictional account was published in 1906:

      “Well, I got the wagon all right and one fine, large and subsequent day I pays Mr. Wolf in full, him sorrowfully but firmly declining to partake of any interest; which was pretty damn white of him, when you stop to consider the style of nose he wore, and shows what climate will do.”

      1. There is considerable debate online about the origin of the phrase, regarding whether “white” orginally actually refered to race. However, those who think “white” originaly referred to “good” don’t appear to be able back it up at all, while those who claim “white” referred to race can document it pretty well.

  5. Shorter David Gerrold: “After all the ranting I’ve done, my side may be losing, so can’t we now just all get along? Please?”

    A rather transparent attempt to create a schism. Too little, too late, I think…

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