Civil Rights Progress

In Detroit (as contrasted with murderous Chicago), the citizenry is legally arming itself, with the blessing of the chief of police.

It’s nice to see my home state at the forefront of the restoration of our rights. It will be very interesting to compare crime and murder rates to “gun-controlled” (where almost all the guns are in fact completely out of control) cities.

5 thoughts on “Civil Rights Progress”

  1. I grew up not too far from Ferguson, and followed the events following Michael Brown’s death. As has become standard practice, the riots turned into an opportunity for looting and vandalism that had widespread “moral support” from those outside of Ferguson. For my own part, I was frustrated that the mostly black citizens were unable to defend themselves because of the escalation of gun control law in Missouri since I was a kid.

    It started in California, when white people became intimidated by the (then) legal open carry of firearms by Black Panthers. Black gun ownership was the original target of the control freaks, and continues to be. If you really want to solve the police problem, reduce the size of police forces to the minimum needed to take people into custody for real crimes, and let everyone else arm themselves to the teeth.

  2. Let me get this straight; we’re seeing libertarian policies in Detroit (!), while in libertarian-leaning Tennessee, we’re seeing a self-alleged libertarian in cahoots with the state Republican party leadership strip every Republican in the state of their right to a secret ballot in the primary?

    Bizzaro world indeed.

    1. I stupidly said “Tennessee” above, when I meant “Kentucky”. I tend to get those two states mixed up, and have no idea why. Sorry.

      1. Yeah, it’s kinda like saying Iowa, which is really pronounced “Ohio.” Or is it Idaho? Shoot, now you’ve got me confused.

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