8 thoughts on “Rose Of The Titanic”

  1. Aw, that’s nothin’.

    In “Eraser” James Caan has drawn a gun on Vanessa Williams, ordering Schwarzenegger to drop the two sci-fi “rail guns” he has picked up after losing his own weapon in the preceding action sequence.

    So Schwarzenegger drops the two rail guns he is brandishing, Caan promptly shoots him in the chest, and Williams screams. Only Scharzenegger has really only suffered a “flesh wound” to his shoulder, and he grapples up the side of the shipping container containing the rail guns Caan is smuggling to terrorists, in the process making the in-agony grimace that Schwarzenegger does when the “good guy” inevitably gets hurt in one of these movies, and then he (successfully) fights Caan and rescues Vanessa Williams.

    I don’t get it. Scharzenegger is supposed to be a highly-trained US Marshal, which is a federal police, and I thought that a cop never,ever, drops their gun in such a situation. I mean if Caan shoots Williams, he gets it from both rail-gun barrels. If Caan turns to shoot Schwarzenneger, he gets it from both rail-gun barrels If Schwarzenegger drops his guns, he gets it and also his hostage? What kind of lame bargain is Schwarzenegger agreeing to is dropping the two rail guns?

    Hollywood is stoopid . . .

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