3 thoughts on “Sit”

  1. There is something you left off. Standing or sitting are equally bad for you IF YOU DON’T MOVE AROUND. The advantage of a standing desk is that you can shift your standing from leg to leg, twirl around, dance to the background music/Muzak, hi-step to John Philip Sousa marches, whatever.

  2. Haha, a study like this would make the interior designers of the new offices they are installing at my work groan. They went the extra expense of installing desks that have motors that raise and lower the desk to either a sitting or standing position at the press of the button. The problem with all the people that order facilities to come in and convert there office to a standing desk, is that they also want to keep a sitting desk. They won’t go either/or but rather want to have both. Which just doesn’t make for added expense for the remodel of the office. But also the added expense of having two computer workstations for each desk: Two docking stations, four monitors (if you use extended desktops), two keyboards, two mice, etc.

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